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Best Child Support Attorney in Southlake, TX

Child Support Attorney Protecting Your Rights

If you must prepare for divorce with children or are involved in a paternity action, you may be very concerned about how much child support you will receive , or ordered to pay. Projecting this amount accurately is a critical component of planning for the next phase of your life. The overall impact of this obligation is greater than many people realize.

At the Setzer Law Firm PLLC, you can work closely and directly with a lawyer who knows Texas child support guidelines — and factors that justify deviations from those guidelines — extremely well. Our firm founder Jill Setzer is extremely diligent in protecting clients’ interests when it comes to property and financial issues, as well as those impacting children’s well-being and parental relationships.

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Achieving Your Child Support And Modification Goals

Attorneys Jill and John Setzer’s extensive experience helping people resolve all aspects of child support and overcome other financially significant family concerns covers:

  • Addressing child support and how courts apply the guidelines early in the legal process, enabling our client to take that information into account when making other key decisions
  • Working to ensure that child support orders are based on accurate information about the payer’s income and any special needs of children or other factors that could cause deviation from guidelines
  • Assessing substantial changes of circumstances undergone by either parent or a child and pursuing modifications of child support efficiently when appropriate
  • Assisting with enforcement of child support orders

Protecting your children and your own personal well-being in matters of child support may require more than simply running the numbers. Our legal team can call upon a network of specialized resources if your case is complicated by allegations of unreported income, for example. Fast action to explore legal options is critical if you cannot meet your full child support obligation due to a major, unavoidable economic setback.

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For the prompt, personalized legal advice you need in the Keller area or any area community, we encourage you to call our law firm today or send a brief email inquiry and we will get in touch with you. Jill and John Setzer’s  focused, determined approach to your case, every step of the way from your initial consultation through resolution, may prove critical for your financial stability and future.

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