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Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Near North Richland Hills

Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney North Richland HillsFrom the initial opening of your family law or criminal case to its resolution, John and Jill Setzer will remain committed to providing the kind of compassionate, expert legal help you need during this stressful time in your life. Dedicated to assisting North Richland Hills residents with in-depth knowledge gained from working over 30 years as family law and criminal defense lawyers, the Setzers know how to skillfully litigate the most complex divorce, child custody, child support, and criminal law cases.

If you are suddenly facing a complicated legal matter involving family or criminal law in North Richland Hills, call the Setzer Law Firm today to schedule an immediate consultation appointment.

Best North Richland Hills Family Law & Defense Attorney

You will need to hire a family law attorney if an ex-spouse wants their child support payments reduced or if they want sole custody of your children.

Criminal defense attorneys represent individuals who are pleading not guilty to a misdemeanor or felony charge. For example, if you were pulled over for driving erratically and the police officer arrested you without giving you a sobriety test, you should hire a criminal defense attorney and fight that charge in court.

Get compassionate help immediately with family or criminal law problems by contacting the Setzer Law Firm today.

Dependable Divorce Attorneys in North Richland Hills

Next to the death of a child or spouse, divorce is the most stressful event anyone can experience in their lifetime. During such upsetting times, you need an understanding divorce attorney you can depend on to provide exceptional legal advice and support. If you live in North Richland Hills and are considering a divorce, call the Setzer Law Firm today to schedule a consultation appointment with John and Jill Setzer.

Child Custody & Child Support Lawyers

Child support and child custody laws in Texas are complicated and extensive. Unless you are represented by experienced family law attorneys in court, you risk losing custody of your children or receiving less child support than you might be entitled to. Never make agreements about children with an ex-spouse without going to court and getting it in writing. The Setzer Law Firm can help resolve child custody and child support cases quickly and professionally. Call today to schedule an appointment.

North Richland Hills, TX, Criminal Defense Attorneys

Residents of North Richland Hills are strongly urged to hire a criminal defense attorney before attempting to represent themselves in court. Even trying to be your own lawyer in a traffic ticket dispute or other minor infraction could end badly for your case. Prosecuting attorneys have one goal when they step into a courtroom — to make sure a defendant walks out handcuffed and ready to be processed for jail.

If you have been charged with a crime, don’t enter a courtroom without John and Jill Setzer providing skilled legal representation for your case. We are the premiere family law and criminal defense attorneys near North Richland Hills, TX.

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