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Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Near Hurst, TX

Best Hurst Family Law & Defense Attorney

Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Hurst, TXWorking through a divorce, child custody case, or criminal charges can be extremely stressful and tough. Life can feel as though it has been turned upside down, leaving you in need of expert legal counsel to help you understand the legal procedures and fight for your rights. John Setzer and Jill Setzer have more than 30 years of combined experience in representing clients and navigating courts in Hurst, TX. Legal cases are emotional, and Setzer Law Firm is ready to offer compassion, expertise, and dependability during these tough times. 

Dependable Divorce Attorneys in Hurst

A divorce is a huge life event, and it is important to work with an experienced law firm through this stressful and emotional situation. Finalizing a divorce can also be a lengthy process, and it is important to choose a dependable, compassionate divorce attorney. Our divorce attorneys at Setzer Law Firm have helped many clients in the Hurst area through this process and recognize that each case is unique. Some variations could include high-net-worth divorces, annulment, contested divorce, military divorce, child custody, and many others. We can help you work through any situation and guide you every step of the way.

Child Custody & Child Support Lawyers

Child custody battles are never easy. It is important to protect your rights as a parent and also to provide the best outcomes for your child or children. We at Setzer Law Firm have more than 30 years of combined experience that will as we get you through a divorce or custody modification. Our team of lawyers working in the Hurst area can explain the different types of custody, what judges look for in custody cases, how to modify a child custody or visitation agreement, and answer any other questions you might have. 

Hurst, TX, Criminal Defense Attorneys

When searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is important to find a law firm that values a thorough approach. We at Setzer Law Firm know Hurst, TX, and the surrounding area. We research all the facts and have a firm knowledge of legal procedures. By being thorough, we can help with complex legal issues. The charges that we handle include domestic violence, DWI, and drug possession. We also assist with sealing DWI records, sexual offense defense, and teen crime defense.

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