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Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Near Grapevine, TX

Best Grapevine Family Law & Defense Attorney

Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Near Grapevine, TXWhether you are going through a divorce, child custody or child support dispute, or have been charged with a crime, John and Jill Setzer will rigorously represent you in court. With over 30 years experience defending Grapevine and surrounding-area residents, the Setzers have built a stellar reputation among both clients and Texas attorneys as lawyers who get the kind of results you want from your court case.

With John and Jill Setzer by your side throughout your family or criminal law litigation, you will have two of the best Texas attorneys providing winning legal advice, and they will ensure court documents are filed on time and offer compassionate support when you need it the most. Call the Setzer Law firm today and put your legal problems in the hands of two experienced, knowledgeable family law and defense attorneys.

Dependable Divorce Attorneys in Grapevine

Divorce attorneys John and Jill Setzer understand how emotionally devastating it is to decide to end a marriage. In addition to submitting the necessary paperwork to the court, divorce attorneys also provide advice regarding financial and child custody matters. They make recommendations to clients that are reasonable, informed, and meant to facilitate completion of a divorce as smoothly as possible. 

You can depend on John and Jill Setzer to give you honest, compassionate legal counsel throughout your divorce proceeding in Grapevine. If the time has come when you know divorce is the only option, please call the Setzer Law Firm today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Child Custody & Child Support Lawyers

Divorce almost always involves child custody and child support disputes that require the skilled legal representation of John and Jill Setzer. As experienced child custody and child support lawyers in Grapevine, the Setzers will handle the complex paperwork involving child support worksheets, pre-trial orders, and temporary child custody orders (if applicable). They also gather personal character references, prepare court witnesses, and employ a forensic accountant if a spouse or ex-spouse is engaging in reckless spending or illegal acts.

Grapevine, TX Criminal Defense Attorneys

Although you have the right to represent yourself in a Texas court if you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, any criminal lawyer will strongly recommend hiring the best criminal defense attorney available. For Grapevine and surrounding-area residents, the best criminal defense attorneys are John and Jill Setzer.

The consequences of being poorly represented in your criminal case can result in longer jail sentences and higher fines. Hiring criminal defense attorneys with decades of experience defending clients is absolutely essential for obtaining the best outcome in any misdemeanor or felony criminal litigation.

Contact the Setzer Law Office today for immediate legal assistance with your family law or criminal case in Grapevine.

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