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Teen Crime Defense Attorney in Southlake, TX

Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney in Southlake, TX

Even the smartest teenagers with the brightest futures can make bad decisions. Unfortunately, when those bad decisions result in legal trouble, the consequences can last a lifetime. An arrest can keep your child out of a dream college, exclude them from a sorority or fraternity, and make them ineligible for student loans. And if they’re ever in legal trouble again, a first offense can mean more serious consequences the second time around.
At the Setzer Law Firm, we forcefully defend students, and teenagers to protect their future. We believe in working with families to achieve the best possible results through thorough and effective legal action.

Teen Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Most of the teens we represent are good kids that made a mistake. It is not uncommon for youth to experience legal trouble related to falling in with the wrong crowd,  and partying in high school or college.

  • Alcohol offenses — From being caught trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID, to being in possession of alcohol or being intoxicated in public, there are many ways teens can get in trouble for drinking.
  • Drug offenses — Teens caught in possession of marijuana or other drugs face serious consequences. Those consequences become more serious when the allegations involve selling drugs to someone else.
  • DUI — Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for people under age 21 caught drinking and driving.
  • Truancy — When skipping school becomes routine, Texas courts get involved. We can represent teens in truancy proceedings.

Teenagers Have Options After an Arrest

Many parents fear the worst, but an arrest doesn’t necessarily mean jail time for Texas teens. There are programs available that help put teens on the right path in a way that doesn’t affect college applications or other future activities. Allegations can also be fought aggressively. And records can be sealed. Each case is different, so it’s important to talk with a lawyer about your options.

Get a Defense Attorney For the Youth on Your Side

If your teenager is in legal trouble, learn your options and take effective action. Schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney at our Southlake, Trophy Club or Dallas law office by contacting us online, or call us at 817-784-7489.

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