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Student-Teacher Relationship Defense Attorney in Southlake

Student-Teacher Relationship Defense Attorney in Southlake

When educators become involved with their students, they run the risk of getting into serious trouble, even when their intentions are innocent or when things escalate quickly. Teacher-student inappropriate relationship allegations are serious.

If you are a teacher who has become involved with a student—or are facing false allegations that you may have had improper teacher-student relationship—it’s best to quickly talk confidentially with an attorney. Your defense lawyer can help you protect your rights and take the best course of action. At the Setzer Law Firm, we can help. We use in-depth knowledge of the law and a forceful, proactive approach to achieve the best possible results.

When Teachers Face Allegations of Inappropriate Relations

Teachers face so much scrutiny of their relationships with students that the best thing they can do to protect themselves against allegations is to set boundaries and stick to them. But sometimes things happen despite the best possible intentions. And sometimes teachers face false allegations designed just to hurt them.

If you are facing allegations of involvement with a student, or sexual misconduct, do not wait for the allegations to result in job loss or legal charges. You do not have to sit and wait for others to take action against you. Your lawyer can help you protect your rights, reputation and future, even before anyone has made a formal complaint.

Why the Setzer Law Firm For Alleged Inappropriate Student / Teacher Relations?

Turn to the Setzer Law Firm for help fighting charges related to student-teacher relationships because of our zealous advocacy for our clients. We start handling your case from the moment you retain us. We collect evidence, file necessary motions, handle interactions with police and prosecutors and protect you in every way necessary. You’ll be surrounded by a team of people who are on your side—a team that is there to help you achieve the best possible results.

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If you’ve been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student or think that you may be in a situation that’s over your head, get someone on your side. Talk with an attorney at our Southlake, Trophy Club or Dallas, Texas law office by contacting us online, or calling us today. Consultations are confidential and private.

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