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Child Pornography Defense Attorney in Southlake, TX

Child Pornography Charges Attorney in Southlake, TX

Technology makes it so easy to communicate these days, that many people find themselves in conversations that quickly get out of hand. What starts as an innocent flirtation over Snapchat, for example, can escalate into sharing photos that cross a line. And if a person involved turns out to be underage, someone can even end up facing serious criminal charges – like possession or distribution of child pornography.

At the Setzer Law Firm, we defend people facing allegations related to inappropriate photos or child pornography. We know the serious impact these allegations can have on a person’s life, so we work forcefully to protect their rights, reputations and freedom.

Our Approach to Child Pornography Charges

Our thorough approach is the key to success in complex and high-stakes sex offense cases, like ones involving child pornography. We investigate the facts and legal procedures that may affect the outcome of your case. Then, we carefully determine the best course of action.

In cases involving inappropriate photos, the facts of the case have a significant impact on the outcome. Facts like who the images came from, the ages of people involved, how and where images were distributed can have a huge impact on your case.

What to Do If You Think You May Be In Trouble

If you’ve sent or received inappropriate images on your phone and you’re worried you may be in trouble, it’s best to talk with a lawyer right away – even if you aren’t facing formal charges yet.

Consultations with an attorney at the Setzer Law Firm are confidential and private. And you should know that we’re one hundred percent on your side. As experienced defense attorneys, we’ve seen and heard just about everything over the years. We won’t judge you. We’ll just be there to help.

Need Help? Talk With a Lawyer About Inappropriate Photos.

If you’ve been accused of sending or receiving inappropriate images—or think that you may be in trouble in the future—talk with an attorney at our Southlake, Trophy Club or Dallas law office by contacting us online, or call us today 817-424-5050.

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