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#1 DUI/DWI Attorney in Southlake, TX

#1 DUI/DWI Attorney in Southlake, TX

You already know a single DWI arrest can impact your career, family and entire life. So, if you are accused of driving while intoxicated, it is critical to speak with an experienced DUI lawyer / DWI attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you minimize the consequences of the situation and help you begin putting the DWI behind you.

Handling All Variety of Texas DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) involves the operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Turn to our Keller-area law firm for help facing DUI or DWI charges such as:

  • First-time DWI
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Second or subsequent DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • Underage DWI

How Our Law Firm in Southlake, and Trophy Club Can Help With DWI Charges

A conviction for DWI can have long lasting effect over your life. Possible jail time and fines, loss of job opportunities and increased car insurance and driver license costs are just a few of the consequences of a DWI conviction. If you find yourself being charged with a DWI it is important you hire an attorney to defend your rights and freedom!

At Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, Texas, we use years of experience to help people accused of drunk driving protect their rights and their futures. We use keen attention to detail to look at every aspect of a case. We examine all the evidence against you, as well as the procedural steps followed by police and prosecutors.

This thorough approach allows us to use all the facts to formulate a defense tailored to your case, and take a course of action that will best benefit you.

For example, many DWI cases involve ambiguities. The law states that the legal limit is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08. But many issues involving BAC readings can arise during investigations:

  • The machine used to calculate your BAC may be inaccurate or may have been operated incorrectly.
  • Additionally, certain medical conditions can affect the way a body processes alcohol, meaning the BAC reading may not be accurate in relation to your actual intoxication level.
  • Did the police follow proper procedure?
    Were you legally pulled over?
  • Did the police officer administer the field sobriety test correctly?
  • Were your rights violated?

If we identify these issues in a case, we can use them to negotiate with prosecutors and take matters to trial, if necessary. Our clients experience peace of mind because they know we sought the best possible outcome for them.

Did You Refuse To Take A Breath Test?

When you gained the privilege of driving and received your driver’s license, you gave your implied consent to submit to an officer’s request for a breath test. So, if you refuse to take a test after an officer pulls you over for suspicion of drunk driving, you will face automatic license suspension. But do not lose hope. You may yet be able to get your license and driving privileges reinstated, but you must act quickly.

Learn How We Can Help You After A DWI

If you have been accused of DWI, begin by scheduling an initial consultation to discuss your situation. To request a meeting directly with criminal defense attorney John Setzer, please call 817-424-5050 or email us. Consultations are confidential, and there is no obligation to retain our law firm.

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