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Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Southlake, TX

That Takes A Thorough Approach

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Southlake, TX

With locations in Southlake, Dallas, and Trophy Club, the criminal lawyers at Setzer Law Firm PLLC defend clients throughout Tarrant County, Dallas County, and the northwest DFW Metroplex.  We defend our clients against a range of misdemeanor and felony charges, from domestic violence to DWI and drug possession.

Our thorough approach is key to success in these complex matters. We investigate the facts and legal procedures that may affect the outcome. Then, we carefully determine the best course of action.

We forcefully advocate for our clients, acting strategically each step of the way. The result? The best possible outcome for you and your family.

Criminal Defense: Charges We Handle

Our defense work includes representing clients facing charges for misdemeanor and felony crimes such as:

  • Domestic violence— We represent people accused of domestic violence in Texas state courts. The charges sometimes arise out of situations that become out of control. Other times, false allegations are made to gain leverage in a family law proceeding.
  • DWI—We represent people who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Our lawyers investigate every aspect of these cases, from the initial traffic stop to the breath test results. This allows us to best protect our clients’ rights. We also work with individuals looking to seal their DWI and probation charges from the past. After checking your eligibility, our attorneys work hard to help make your past DWI charges disappear.
  • Drug possession— Attorneys at our Southlake, Dallas, and Keller area law firm represent people accused of possession of drugs like prescription medications, cocaine and marijuana. We work to minimize the consequences of these convictions, especially when they could impact a person’s future educational or career opportunities.
  • Sealing DWI records Recent legislation make it a possibility to have a DWI / DUI record sealed. Our lawyer are well versed in the law, and can determine your eligibility.
  • Sexual offense defense Our attorneys work closely with those accused of sexual offenses such as assault. We work diligently to defend those wrongly accused of these offenses. Often, these accusations come out of other difficult situations such as divorce. Our lawyers investigate thoroughly, protecting your rights.
  • Teen crime defense — If you’re a parent of a teen child convicted of a crime involving drugs or alcohol, there are options. Our attorneys work hard to help secure your child’s future using other available options outside of jail time. Your teen can bounce back from these allegations.

Sometimes, these criminal charges occur in combination. For example, people often face charges of DWI and drug possession at the same time. Other times, criminal charges happen as part of another, complex legal matter, like domestic violence charges that relate to a family law dispute. Our lawyers have the capacity to handle these complexities. We examine the entire situation and determine the best way to proceed based on the client’s goals and current and future needs.

Contact Our Criminal Lawyer Regarding Your Best Defense

When you are facing criminal charges in Texas, it is critical to talk with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. To schedule a meeting with attorney John Setzer, please call 817-424-5050 or email us. We will answer your questions and act to protect your interests and future.

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