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Five Reasons For High Divorce Cost

If you’ve ever heard people say that they can’t afford to get divorced, there’s some truth to it. But the truth is often not what you expect.

5 Reasons Why Divorce Costs Are So High {.p2}

People think that it’s the lawyer fees that make the divorce process so expensive. In reality, it is often the divorcing parties’ own actions that increase costs.

1. Using Your Lawyer as a Therapist {.p3}

Attorneys usually charge fees for divorce cases in three ways:

  • Hourly
  • Flat fee
  • An hourly and flat-fee combination

Even if you pay a flat rate for basic divorce services, your attorney will likely charge extra if you constantly call to blow off steam about what your ex is doing or just need someone to talk to.

Keep in mind that every time you call to complain, the lawyer must take time away from other client work. This means you will be billed for the call time. So, think twice and call someone else who will listen without charging you.

2. Getting Revenge on Your Spouse {.p3}

Experienced family law attorneys can give you a good idea of what your fees should be for your divorce. They know how long it takes to resolve the usual issues people have involving property, support and custody. But if you enter into the process thinking you will challenge everything that your spouse proposes based on “principles,” you will only increase your own expenses and fees. Your best bet? Set your anger aside and get through the process as quickly as possible.

3. Representing Yourself {.p3}

One of the oldest legal adages in the world is, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” Saving money by not hiring a divorce lawyer usually costs you more in the end. Most likely, you’ll have to hire a lawyer later to un-do the bad agreements you made with your ex. To truly save, hire a lawyer, but be an active and willing participant in negotiating your financial future.

4. Failing to Plan and Budget for the Future {.p3}

Divorce often brings the need to leave the family home. And, with that, the need to establish two separate homes fo your child. This is one of the hardest adjustments for divorcing spouses and kids, and often cost more money than planned for. Start setting money aside now, and ensure this consideration is included in financial negotiations with your spouse during the divorce process.

5. Avoiding Court-Ordered Payments {.p3}

Yes, making payments for support to your ex and for child support can take a huge bite out of your monthly income. But, not making these payments will cost you more in the end. Your credit score can take a hit, which means borrowing money costs more. You may have to hire a lawyer if you’re arrested for failing to pay child support. Make your payments on time, and work with your lawyer to ensure your payments are reasonable.

We Will Work With You To Manage The Cost Of Your Divorce {.p2}

After our first meeting, we will understand the details of your case. We will go over the costs to get you through the legal proceedings and offer referrals for other help and support you might need. Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced and fair divorce attorney.

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